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Tue Sep 12 14:04:35 CEST 2000

Hi all,

I'm a Perl/Perl-Tk developer who recently has been getting irritated
with Perl and Tk in general so I ordered a couple of books on Python
and Tkinter to begin my process of "conversion".

I've been thinking about scrapping the current project I'm working on
(while it's still young) and re-doing it in Python (which shouldn't be
that difficult to re-write, actually).  However, there is one widget I
must have or it's no-go: a record displayer.  The GUI I'm working on
interfaces with a large database and it must be able to display, and
have methods for dealing with, records.

Does one exist or is anyone working on one?  I didn't see one on the
Pmw home page, but I didn't want to start putting one together if one
was already in the works.  If not, I think I have a good idea on how to
approach it.

Also, is there a separate Tkinter newsgroup that I'm unaware of?  A
search of usenet revealed nothing.

Thanks in advance for any information.



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