smtplib authentication

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Sun Sep 24 17:59:58 CEST 2000

On Sun, Sep 24, 2000 at 03:33:32PM +0200, Gijs Reulen wrote:

> I studied the smtplib and found it does not support authentication :-( Nor
> can I find any rfc on the subject ?! rfc822 and others only seem to discuss
> the sending/recieving of mails to smtp servers that do not need to be logged
> in. Thats ok for locally addressed mail. However, the provider hosting our
> own domainname does not have an smtp server and therefore I have to use
> another server to relay my messages.
> Can anyone please explain to me how to authenticate a smtp connection from
> Python ? Or at least how to do it in general (if a general solution exists)
> ?

You're looking for RFC 2554, which describes the AUTH command. There were a
few other requests for rfc2554 support in smtplib, but as far as I know
noone is working on it.

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