python-scripts in xchat, and modules

alex k alexander_k at
Wed Sep 6 02:46:01 CEST 2000


1. is it the PYTHONPATH variable that governs where modules are searched

2. how do i find out my PYTHONPATH?
i looked in /usr/lib/python1.5/config/Setup but didnt find it defined
in any (too me) intelligible way.

3. i discovered that xchat can run pythonscripts. i find no proper
documentation on that, but a NOTES-file tells me to import the
XChat module.

sure, the scripts that are there can be run just fine, so it is found,
but where is it??? how to find it?
i want to read it, which i guess will be the most precise documentation
i will get.

i have looked all over my hd for [Xx][Cc][-]hat.* but found nothing.

4. is a module usually one file?
should it be called XChat.pym?

i run linux/slackware7.1 with python being installed when i
installed the os.
i guess the modpath is /usr/lib/python1.5 ...?
how do i verify that?
i think i have read that the modules have the file-ending .pym.
but i find no such files on my hd.
so where are those modules?

  thanks in advance / alex k

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