Debugging ActiveX Control Events in wxPython/PythonWin

Charles Medcoff cmedcoff at
Sat Sep 2 21:19:32 CEST 2000


Thanks for the info.

> I _think_ Hammond is still supporting those who paid for support
> of win32 before he joined ActiveState, but not accepting any more
> such contracts.

I did purchase support, but I guess that I should take that up with him.

>ActiveState itself might be interested in selling such
> commercial support, though; try them...

While I realize that focusing platform specific support is not one of
Python's main goals it would be a shame if COM were not supported on
the Windows plaform.  Lack of this kind of support could inhibit the
promotion of Python. I don't mean this as any strike against Mark or
anyone else involved in Python related development.  I love Python and

I work at a software house that mainly utilizes Visual C++ and have
been thinking for a while that we use too much C++.  It slows
development.  I have had the idea of trying to pitch Python/wxPython as
an alternative to much of the GUI/problem domain work that we do.  It
will be hard to sell without sort of active support/development going
on by someone.

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