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Sun Sep 10 22:10:58 CEST 2000

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> Get help if you need it  So, if you need help in setting the path, get it,
> but make sure that the person helping you knows what he is doing."
> So where and how should I set the path? Please help me out. I'm using
> Win NT 4.0 Workstation.

Start/Settings/Control Panel/System applet, Environment tab.

You will probably find environment variables named PATH (or
some case-insensitive variation) in both the System and User
halves of the resulting dialog.  Setting the User version is
probably better (but it won't work for other users of the same
machine), but the choice is up to you.  Whether on the System
or User halves, find in the list the entry named PATH and click
on it to bring it to the edit boxes; edit the content editbox; and
click the Set button.  If perchance PATH does not exist in the
User half, you can create it there by directly entering the PATH
name and c:\Python20 (or whatever) directory as the content.

If you're editing an existing PATH, you will note it's a list of
directories separated by semicolons; directories with long names,
names containing spaces, etc, are generally represented in short
form (C:\progra~1 rather than c:\program files), though that is
not strictly mandatory.  Just append a semicolon followed by
C:\Python20 (or whatever) to the end of the existing contents.


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