Python 1.6 The balanced language

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba thor at localhost.localdomain
Fri Sep 1 18:18:00 CEST 2000

On 31 Aug 2000  Neel Krishnaswami <neelk at> wrote:
>No, the distinguishing features of OO are that a) subtyping exists,
>and b) the types of objects are used to do dynamic dispatch. 

If you think about it. python is rather "functional" (typeless)
in its mood ( perhaps because it followed the steps of tcl and perl),
and the way it uses to produce "polymorphism" is different to java,
python uses optional params while java uses different functions,
real polymorphism.

def a(b,c=None):
   if c: print b,c 
   else: print b


void a(stupidtype b) {

void a(stupidtype b, stupidtype c) {

Both systems has advantages and disadvantages. 

>state is not necessary -- in both Dylan and Ocaml, it's common to
>write code in an "object-functional" style, with lots of objects but
>no mutation.

I don't understand this.

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