What is Python?

Mark Jackson mjackson at wc.eso.mc.xerox.com
Sat Sep 16 20:07:12 CEST 2000

tim at degree.ath.cx (Tim Hammerquist) writes:
> Manuel Gutierrez Algaba <thor at localhost.localdomain> wrote:
> > P.S.: I thought the camel symbol symbolized the ugly face of
> > Larry Wall.
> Isn't that below the belt?  I haven't said anything derogatory about
> Guido.  Or do I need to to fit in here?

We only trash Guido here when he makes a really boneheaded decision.
The fact that invariably the decision turns out to be brilliant (that
damn time machine again) doesn't make it any easier to take.

FWIW I did think the Larry Wall crack was over the top.  In fact,
however, I have to confess to having written:

> If you unexpectedly find Larry Wall in your shower, be afraid.  Be very
> afraid.

Yes, it was in the context of an obvious Bobby-Ewing-returns-to-Dallas
joke, but It Was Wrong.

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