compiling python on Mac OS X Beta

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>Steven D Majewski writes:
>> The developer tools for OSX beta haven't shipped yet. Have you 
>> loaded the Darwin developer tools on top of OSX, or do you have
>> tools from DP4 ?  
>As a cheap graduate student, I don't have a subscription to the
>development tools, so I downloaded the Darwin 1.0.2 distribution,
>mounted the disk image, and copied the development tools over from
>there.  Horrible hackery, yes.  I think the two options are that
>either I somehow missed a header file (unlikely) or that the autoconf
>setup got some mojo wrong in a way that I don't understand yet.

Go to and download Ian Sammis' script that copies all the 
developer tools from the mounted darwin image to your public beta 
system.  It's very thorough, but if you find a file Ian missed, email 
him and he'll update the script.

Unfortunately I don't have the exact url of the article he wrote handy.


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