Please explain why python rocks...

Wester wester at
Wed Sep 6 11:09:35 CEST 2000

nemir wrote:

> I am a complete coding newbie,  looking for a first language to learn.
> I consider Perl, I consider C++ (or even d-flat... bleyech), I consider
> Java, I consider javascript.

The choice of programming language strongly depends on what you are intending
to do.
C++ is quite complex and ther are many pitfalls but is a compiled language and
if you need
computational speed you should consider C++. If you are mostly interested in
programs that have a GUI but don't need high computational performance I would
Java (I know Tkinter and wxPython, but I still would prefer Java for that
purpose). For everthing else
I use Python. It's not only easy to read, easy to learn it is also much easier
and faster
to write your programs.


P.S.: Some LISP guys told me that LISP is the ultimate choice but I consider
LISP to by quite strange
and not easy to learn and program. Besides this LISP is only rarely used.

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