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Tue Sep 5 18:15:25 CEST 2000

"Andrew Kuchling" <akuchlin at> wrote in message
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> Geoff Talvola <gtalvola at> writes:
> > I too tried out Zope and found myself overwhelmed by all of the new
concepts I'd
> > have to learn.  I don't want to have to learn and use DTML.  I don't
want to
> > store everything in an object database -- I want to use a regular source
> > system.  I don't want to have to figure out ZClasses, Products,
Versions, etc.
> > I don't need through-the-web administration.  I just want a nice way to
write a
> > web application as a Python application.  Zope is a _very_ ambitious
system, and
> Yes, this is pretty much what we've found; we wrote Quixote for our
> own purposes instead of using WebWare, but the principle is much the
> same.  Zope works really well if you have a bunch of simple things --
> objects that are mostly bags of attributes, rows of data from a SQL
> database, pieces of text -- and can glue them together with DTML.  For
> example, Squishdot is well suited to Zope, because an article or a
> follow-up isn't that complicated an object, so you can implement it, a
> bit painfully but not too bad, and then use DTML to combine objects
> flexibly.

To be honest I'm tempted to go away and try WebWare and even Medusa and come
back to Zope if and when it becomes more usable.

I need a quick easy solution for an intranet. I can see the benefits of Zope
and I like where its going, but for me it not there yet! The intranet is a
simple side project of mine and I cant afford the time really.

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