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>> None is the Python equivalent of NULL; what's wrong with None?
>None is not the same as NULL.

I didn't say it was the same, I said it was equivalent.

>None == None, but NULL <> NULL. For a numeric field, None == 0, but NULL <>
>0. NULL doesn't equal *anything* - it means not applicable, unknown, or
>suchlike. (I recommend SQL for Smarties by Joe Celko for a full discussion
>of this.)
>Python doesn't have any equivalent, AFAIK. Which is a shame - a native NULL
>would be *very* useful for DB work.

You should be using the "is" operator in Python to operate on None, just
the way you do in SQL.  Python has different semantics from SQL for the
relational operators, but you can get to equivalences fairly easily.
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