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Wed Sep 6 10:58:02 CEST 2000

check whether you have added the loadmodule line....  eg.
 loadmodule modulename modudles/
in the httpd.conf file.

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  poparosa at (Poparosa) wrote:
> Folks,
> Here is my configuration:
> Slackware LINUX 2.2.16
> apache 1.3.12
> php 4.0.2
> I tarred all these files down today, untarred them to the correct
> per the INSTALL scripts, and built the static linked modules.  The
> install instructions in both apache and php went without errors,
> when I try to call test.php from another web page, I get the following
> in a window (which is the source itself):
> <?php
> print("hello web");
> ?>
> when I try to call test2.php from another web page, I get this in
> the file info.php in my home directory (which is also a copy of
> the file itself):
> <?phpinfo()?>
> Apache seems not to be able to find the php executable, even
> tho I uncommented the "AddType application/x-httpd-php php"
> in the conf/httpd.conf file.  Somehow php is not executing as
> I would have hoped.
> the /var/lib/apache/logs/[access,error].log files do not say much.
> Is there another log I can look at to help me find out what is going
> on (if php is getting called)?
> Is there a few test I could run to see if there is something funny
> with my configuration?
> thanks kind  folks...

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