No Python 2.0 (was Re: idiom for initial list of lists)

Kirby Urner urner at
Sun Sep 10 18:37:46 CEST 2000

aahz at (Aahz Maruch) wrote:

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>Kirby Urner  <urner at> wrote:
>>aahz at (Aahz Maruch) wrote:
>>>I think at the very least anyone proferring a 2.0 solution should
>>>clearly mention that 2.0 is not shipping yet.  I think it's cruel to
>>>hold out a carrot in front of someone and then snatch it away.
>>I don't understand this point.  2.0b is available for anyone to
>2.0b1, yes, but not 2.0.

So?  Same features.  By your reasoning we shouldn't have talked
about 1.6 all this time either then.

>>Is the objection that it's beta?  1.6 has been alpha/beta for a long
>>time too.  It's not realistic to always refrain from talking about
>>something until it's out of beta.
>I'm not suggesting that people *always* refrain from talking about 2.0;
>I'm suggesting that people refrain from mentioning 2.0 features in
>response to questions about, "How do I do <X> in Python?"

Well, you were protesting how "cruel" it was to talk about a 
non-shipping version, and I'm saying that's like whining you
can't have this piece of candy when it's sitting right there
in front of you.  Grab it and eat it if you want it.

In the FoxPro world, we have the same situation:  2.6, 3.0, 5.0
and probably a newer version soon.  All the articles have to
be tagged as to which versions are relevant.  Such is life in
the big city.

But in FoxPro world, you really do need special insider status 
with Microsoft to play with their betas, let alone alphas, so 
it is indeed somewhat cruel to the regular users to harp on 
features that ordinary joes aren't privy to (I remember when 
MSFT started charging for betas, like we'll let you use this 
buggy software and tell us about its problems if you pay us 
for the privilege).

But in Pythonworld, that ain't the case.  I'm an ordinary joe, 
don't pass the big bucks to Guido under the table, and yet I
get to use Python 2.0b.  So I appreciate it when people give 
answers that use the new Python 2.0 syntax (that's a good 
way to learn -- part of why I hang out on comp.lang.python).  

Now I hope they don't stop just because you blew a fuse.


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