Bug in Python/C API?

Rainer Deyke root at rainerdeyke.com
Mon Sep 11 20:33:28 CEST 2000

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> >>>>> "Rainer" == Rainer Deyke <root at rainerdeyke.com> writes:
>     Rainer> I noticed something very strange: when I use
>     Rainer> PyObject_CallMethod to call a method on a class instance,
>     Rainer> the method gets called twice.  I am using Python version
>     Rainer> 1.5.2.
> Could you post some code that does this?

Actually, I think I found the problem.  I was doing this:


This of course executes the PyObject_CallMethod(...) twice if it did not
return 0 the first time.

I really should know better by now.

This sort of problem could be prevented if Py_XDECREF was defined like this:

#define Py_XDECREF(A) if (tmp = (A)) Py_DECREF(A)

where tmp is a global PyObject *.

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