Python in game development?

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Fri Sep 22 04:56:36 CEST 2000

Dear Jan, 

I think it would be great to set up a python gaming library 
on sourceforge with routines expected to be common accross 
many game-type applications.


Jan Ekholm wrote:
> In comp.lang.python gordon <andrea_gordonREMOVE at> wrote:
> : especially if you write a program to make the 'try something' changes and
> : then do the testing for you, only problem is you have to define real real
> : well what good results actually are, and don't expect a generic or readable
> : program at the end of it
> I've missed the start of this thread, so I'm sorry if this is just
> repetition...
> Is there any nice list or some info about games in Python? I'm working on
> a turnbased strategy game using Python and PySDL, and all seems to work
> quite nicely.
> All resources that are useful for Python game development are interersting
> from my point of view. I'm new at Python, but I do have have solid
> programming experience.
> If anyone is interested in discussing these matters in more detail, please
> follow up or send me private mail.
>         Regards, Chakie
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