setting the font in Tkinter

Rick Pasotto rickp at
Sun Sep 17 23:53:45 CEST 2000

On 17 Sep 2000 16:58:38 +0200 in comp.lang.python, Bernhard Herzog wrote:
> rickp at (Rick Pasotto) writes:
> > This didn't work for me on linux. I got from the traceback:
> > 
> >"option","*Font","Helvetica -24")
> > 	TclError: bad option "*Font": must be add, clear, get, or readfile
> How about 
>    root.option_add("*Font", "Helvetica -24")
> It's usually better to call the appropriate methods instead of accessing
> the tk attribute directly.

Yes, that works. It's kind of hard to know what option_add does, let
alone how to use it, when the chapter that mentions it says "not yet

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