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Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> In article <39C1CD8C.DA62C34 at>,
>         Grant Griffin <g2 at> writes:
> > As to the GPL, the GNU folks are welcome and invited to waste their time
> > re-implementing Python (they seem to have something of a fetish for
> > re-implementing other people's ideas <wink>),
> > civil-disobediance-to-the-stallman-empire-is-a-whole-lot-easier
> >    -<wink>-ly y'rs,
> Stallman's FSF protected the freedom of computer users and
> programmers with a huge impact.

I guess I've already shot at the "freedom" thing here so much that I'm
just gonna have to give you and the rest of this NG a free pass on this
one. :-)

But as you suggest, the impact of Stallman is undeniable.  However, from
my POV, his record is mixed.  I believe he will go down in history as a
sort of tragic figure, who is simultaneously great and fundamentally
flawed--kindda like Richard Nixon.  (Heck, maybe some day somebody'll
write an opera about him. <wink>)

For example, imagine how much better the world would be if Linux were
"truly free" instead of perpetually encumbered by that whole nutty
copyleft ball-and-chain thing.  Now wouldn't the world be a better

(BTW, that last paragraph clearly was a "troll".  Please don't encourage
my fundamental flaws by responding to them. <wink>)

>(Try getting a stable C compiler
> before, oh python is partly written in C, huh.)

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "stable", but I've always had very
good experiences with all compiler products I've ever used from
Microsoft and Borland.  (Less so with Borland.)  I can only think of one
instance in about 15 years where any commercial PC compiler I've ever
used generated incorrect code.

   -instruments-<wink>-ly y'rs,

*years ago, Analog Devices tried to push the GNU C compiler on its
customers.  For whatever reason, they soon gave up on that, and
eventually purchased a compiler company.

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