Coexistence (was: Python 2.0b1 is released!)

Tim Peters tim_one at
Mon Sep 11 09:58:23 CEST 2000

[Alex Martelli]
> ...
> I did have one easy-to-fix glitch regarding that: the IDLE shortcut
> under the Start button, in 2.0b1, is set to run
>     D:\Python20\Tools\idle\idle.pyw
> which relies on the .pyw extension being handled by pythonw.exe
> in the 2.0 directory; as I had my .pyw handled by the 1.6 exe,
> this didn't work.  As I said, that's easy to fix; just change the
> shortcut's properties to run, explicitly:
>     D:\Python20\pythonw.exe D:\Python20\Tools\idle\idle.pyw
> and it's fine again.
> I was lazy and didn't post that one as a bug on sourceforge,
> but it does violate the Python mantra, "explicit is better than
> implicit"... and, by misfunctioning due to this violation, it
> once again proves it's a very good mantra indeed:-).

I confidently predict that the next time we release a Windows installer,
Guido's time machine will have done as you suggest here, and both your msg
and this reply will have been erased from human memory.

shhh!-what-people-don't-know-about-cvs-won't-hurt-me-ly y'rs  - tim

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