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Sun Sep 17 03:18:02 CEST 2000

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> Newsgroupies
> I could not locate a Python binary for what might be called Rhapsody.
> The one link I found was dead.
> Then I found a list server post claiming compiling the GNU project for
> FreeBSDi was a slam-dunk.
> So I dunked BeOpen's Python, and got a "evil signal 11" exception.
> Other fora revealed this is a generic "out of memory" or "I'm so confused"
> exception and should not be fixed.
> I tried to compile Python 1.6, and this compiled many more modules before
> the russian roulette game ended.
> Then I tried 1.5.2, and it finished compiling. Only a few trivial hacks to
> the Makefile were required to let it install gracefully.
> Irregardful of all that passion, does anyone have a Python 2 binary for
> Rhapsody they can slap on a site somewhere?
> 1.5.2 is just so 20th Century!
> --

Ah, but DP4 is so obsolete (nearly 5,000 minutes already ;-)).

Seriously, the much more interesting quest would by Python x.x on Mac OS 
X Beta.  (Which I can't experiment with, lacking the Beta and lacking a 
machine while will run main machine (a 7300) won't do.  I *may* 
be about to buy a "Cube" and the Beta for use as a sandbox until I can 
phase it in to replace the 7300.  Then again, the notion that I can't 
afford it may prevail.)


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