Weird pointer errors... Stackless problem? PyString_InternInPlace Fatal error

Christian Tismer tismer at
Fri Sep 15 12:26:23 CEST 2000

Mike Fletcher wrote:
> I'm working on a very large project, and yesterday things started going to
> heck in an unfashionable wicker conveyance.  I'm using the binary Stackless
> distribution over the binary Python 1.5.2 and Micro-threads ( on
> NT 4.0sp5 to create the software, and I'm thinking it may be a problem with
> Stackless.  I've had two "Fatal Python errors", the first (which I didn't
> think to copy down) was a thread-state error effectively saying there was no
> current thread.  The second is:
> Fatal Python error: PyString_InternInPlace: strings only please!
> abnormal program termination
> This is on totally "normal" code,
>         if start < end:
>                 chars = map( chr, range( start, end +1 ) )
>         else:
>                 chars = map( chr, range( end, start +1 ) )
>         print 'start, end', (start, end)
>         print 'character set:', chars[:4] # error occurs here...
>         dataset.append( string.join( chars, ''))

You are using stackless map here.
It *might* be that there are still bugs in
stackless map, and nobody really needs it urgently,
so I'm not looking at fixing, but providing a way to
circumvent it for now.

Please try the following:
Before starting your code, set = __builtins__.map_orig

If the problem is gone afterwards, then I have a stackless
map bug :-))

> Going to re-install everything now, but thoughts on how this could happen
> and be avoided in the future would be appreciated.

Please give it a try and keep me informed immediadelay

ciao - chris

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