HTTP POST Implementation

Brendan Leong See s003935 at
Thu Sep 21 07:44:46 CEST 2000

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Brendan Leong See wrote:
> >
> > Is POST implemented in the standard libraries for the BaseHTTPServer, or
> > any for that matter? If not, does anyone know where I can find it
> > already implemented?
> I'm not sure what I would find that you didn't when you looked, but if
> this is any help: the doc-string for says:
> """CGI-savvy HTTP Server.
> This module builds on SimpleHTTPServer by implementing GET and POST
> requests to cgi-bin scripts.
> """
> --
> Peter Hansen

Yes I've noticed the CGI implementation, but this seems only to support CGI
related POSTing and I get error msgs (501) when I try to use it for other

I'm just after a simple POST method as per RFC1945. Thanks anyway.

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