New Python development process (SourceForge considered Harmful?)

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Wed Sep 27 20:44:03 CEST 2000

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Andrew Kuchling  <akuchlin at> wrote:
>SourceForge isn't currently mirrored, though I understand they're
>working on it.  You can download tarballs containing the entire CVS
>tree for your project.  I hope someone at BeOpen has set up a cron job
>to do that every few days, since losing the CVS tree would be a
>massive disaster.  There's no way to download all the patches or bug
>reports, though, so if SourceForge went away, that information would
>be lost, which would be very annoying but not fatal.

Hmmm....  Maybe someone should write a script to do it?  ;-)

(I guess I'm willing to volunteer, but I'd rather know that I'm not
duplicating effort.)
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