What is Python?

Grant Griffin g2 at seebelow.org
Fri Sep 15 23:10:56 CEST 2000

Tim Hammerquist wrote:
> Maybe I'm just quick at picking things up, but I actually find:
>         1.      Perl has a rather sad excuse for OOP.  It's slow and bulky, not
>                 mention a few other things.

I don't know about "slow and bulky"...how 'bout "schizophrenic"? <wink>

>         2.      Perl's syntax is admittedly "noisy," but that's part of its
>                 charm!  And an experienced Perl programmer will be able to
>                 easily comprehend (and often criticize) any code he/she comes
>                 across, assuming it's not overly (and deliberately) obfuscated.

I'm not sure "experience" is the only thing.  I think one also has to
"think that way" (perhaps due to some unfortunate pairing of recessive
genes. <wink>)  In my own case, after using Perl for about three years,
I became nominally competant in it (except its OO), but afte three
years, I was about at a level of competancy I reached in other languages
in _one_ year.  But it's not "rocket science"; it's just arcane.

However, I'm probably about at that same level of competancy with Python
now after just 6 months.  To be fair, three years of Perl goes a long
way toward helping to learn Python (kindda like when baseball players
take a weight of their bat just before they step up to the plate ;-),
but it's not a coincidence that Perl's whole nutty "TMTOWTDI" thing
takes longer to mater than Python's converse "There should be one--and
preferably _only_ one--obvious way to do it" philosophy.

Then again, Perl is a far superior language for selling O'Reilly books.
<0.5 wink>

> *grabs flame-proof armor*  =)

'salright: you're thinking of c.l.p.m, not c.l.py.

tom-christiansen-doesn't-live-here-ly y'rs,


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