app slow down

me hburde at
Sun Sep 24 01:48:42 CEST 2000


My application shows strange delays at several points. Opening Window a)

needs 2 minutes - opening another similar Window b) 2 secounds. The
application does not do any
computations that can cause such delays. I used truss to pin down the
problem . The interpreter sleeps in read - 60..120 secounds - read(6,
0x0071FD7C, 5120)       (sleeping...) - and then starts again.

This happends on my Solaris 8 (6/2000) installation with python 1.52 and
1.6 (with TclTk 8.3 , Pmw and PyXML). I think some change in my
application triggered is ??

I searched the FAQs for knows Bugs or programming errors that can cause
this but did't found
anything ....
Any ideas how to solve this are welcome !

Thanks in advance

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