How to get Tkinter working on Mac ??

Louis M. Pecora pecora at
Mon Sep 4 16:58:35 CEST 2000

In article <39B28E77.10264064 at>, <dumbo at> wrote:

> The installer for 1.5.2c1 puts a file in the wrong location. I found the
> solution on the web somewhere, I DO NOT HAVE THE URL to hand. 
> On your machine, search for the file : _tkinter.ppc.slb
> There should be one of these and it belongs in : (main Python
> dir.)/Mac/Plugins. I put the most recent in, the demos work OK.
> Peter Moore


Got a message from the make of these sites:


Generally, he agrees with you.  Thanks.  I will also look into the most

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