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Sat Sep 9 23:38:01 CEST 2000


I'm happy (and somewhat affraid) to release my first project ever into the
world. It was born as a program to put pseudo-random music on my Rio. When
I got that working, I quickly discovered I wanted it to play music to
my soundcard as well. This program is the result.

To get pseudo-random music, I thought of the following rules:
    1.Select songs at random. 
    2.But: Select music depending on the mood I'm in. 
    3.But: I'm not going to spend an incredible amount of time organizing my
                music into categories 
    4.Don't play the songs over and over again 
    5.Unless it's a song I really like 

I'd be happy if a few (or lots of) people could test it, and mail me
It's available from:

    Chris Niekel

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