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>> That's an interesting comparison.  However, I'm tempted to say that
>> although free trade is a good thing in every case (IMHO), the software
>Sorry, but this is just not true -- 99%, yes; every case, NO.  Read
>your Krugman (not his extremely pleasant semi-divulgatory stuff, the
>hard-core stuff he publishes on learned journals etc; his homepage
>has good pointers).  E.g., for an extremely scarce, non-renewable
>resource, and different discount rates in the single little country
>that has the natural monopoly of production and the huge country (or
>countries) that have essentially-unbounded demand curves, it can be
>proven that coercive limits on import-export of that resource can
>lead to Pareto optima (to oversimplify: without the limits to trade,
>the resource would fast disappear in the unsatiable maws of consumers
>of it; with the limits, the disappearance is slower, prices rise with
>time [as quantities diminish], and given the different-discount-rates
>hypothesis, this can work out so _everybody_ is better off than with
>the faster-consumption free trade would impel).

Hey!  No fair!  I said "IMHO".  That means you aren't supposed to tell me I'm
wrong!  <wink>

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