newbie: Zope

Nick Trout nick at
Wed Sep 6 15:49:41 CEST 2000

> >I'm trying to find the best (cheap/free) solution for creating a simple
> >intranet server. I would like to have news bulletins, discussion groups,
> >docs etc on it. I like the idea of remote admin through Zope as I may
> >countries soon. I like Python. I got into Zope but I am finding the
> >DTML/Python stuff hard work.
> If you would spend around $600, you might find that Web Objects would do
> what you want. <>.

Mmmm.... more to learn? I dont know Java. Dont want to go there. I like
Python! :-)

> Or you could use PyWiki or one of the Wiki clones...
> <
> ectory.html>

This looks good but you could do lot of this with Zope? Scripting is in
Perl? Don't know Perl. I like Python! :-)
Wiki does seem along the right lines.


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