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Now that I see this again, is automatic conversion of
integers to longs planned to become a reality?  I heard some
talk of this a while back and would like to see it happen at
some point.  Anyone aware of a schedule?


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> >Everyone seems to have had a lot of fun with this.  But
Tim Peters and
> >others offered the only solutions: fixed point rather
than floating
> >point.  If you live in the "real" world of business and
need to deal
> >with things like money then deal in integer pennies, not
> >Render the printout yourself.
> You might want to deal in long pennies instead of integer
pennies.  It
> would be a shame for your customers to suddenly have
negative account
> balances when they have more than 20 million dollars in
their bank
> accounts.  This is still a problem using floating-point
numbers, but
> less of one, and it manifests differently.
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