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> >I plan on doing a graphical app using TK (OpenGL).
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> >I am trying to decide if I should use Python or TCL.
> >
> >Why would one be better over the other?
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> Mostly for reasons we're not in a position to judge:
> you have people around you who can help with one or
> the other, you happen to find one or the other a
> better fit for your own habits and mentality, you're
> in an organization that's passed judgment on the
> suitability of one or the other, ...
> There are plenty of differences between them.  Most
> are so small and technical they're not worth explain-
> ing at this level.
> Are you really going to use Tk or OpenGL?  From your
> question, it almost sounds as though you think they're
> the same.  They're not.
> You're welcome to read <URL:http://
> which points to plenty of material on this subject.
> Is it only Win* you care about?  Are you developing
> an application for others to use?
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I found the URL you mentined helpful.  To answer your questions: I did
not mean to imply that I thought that TCL and OpenGL were the same, I
was just indicating which graphical 'bed' I want to use.

I was just going to develope for Win but just for fun am going to
create a cross-platform app.  I am working on a 3D game--not a graphic
intense first person shooter type game--but some 3D shapes will be
moving in space.

Following some links on your page seems to indicate that TCL is slower
than Python so it seems like I'll go with Python.

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