Python 1.6 The balanced language

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Sep 4 10:29:59 CEST 2000

Peters <tim_one at> writes
>Guido already knows how to implement generators without Stackless, and
>indeed that's (ironically enough!) one of Stackless's problems with getting
>into the core:  the one pretty compelling use with broad appeal (iteration a
>la CLU and Sather) can be implemented straightforwardly without Stackless.
>Generators are also much more usable if a little syntax is added to support
>them (like a "suspend" stmt, as in Icon too).
I know the thread implementation of coroutines, but what about ease of
use/efficiency? I see that under win32 even the improved thread
implementation is about a 10-20% hit and with coroutines I get to a
generator from a traversal routine very easily without any intermediate
data structures. As for iterators the straightforward approach seems to
escape me, but that's probably lack of imagination.

Removing the stack has other benefits as well eg it can't be overflow
abused and it works on stackless architectures.
Robin Becker

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