Weird pointer errors... Stackless problem? PyString_InternI nPlace Fatal error

Mike Fletcher mfletch at
Tue Sep 19 08:39:20 CEST 2000


Well, being hard-headed (and dreading backing out weeks of work), I had to
try the no-exception-catching thing.  Strangely, no exception is being
raised, but when I remove the try-except clauses from a particular test (one
that's been failing on every run), it runs to completion (I've had one
memory access failure since removing the try-except clauses, but that might
have been an old server instance hanging around).  No clue why un-triggered
exceptions would cause an error, but there it is.


For now I'm back in the demo business (at least for 2 demos), and hopefully
I can put together a minimal-fail case for you next week (when I get back
from Pittsburgh).


Coffee is my friend
Only need 10 diagrammes and a presentation now :o)
Thanks Chris. Thank-you all, you've been a great audience.  This
scintillating Python drama has been brought to you by the Stackless Python
Theatre Company, coming soon[1] to a venue near[2] you.  No refunds
available for tickets returned after house lights dim.


[1] For suitable definitions of soon
[2] See note 1

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