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Nick Trout nick at
Tue Sep 5 19:58:36 CEST 2000

"Andrew Kuchling" <akuchlin at> wrote in message
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> "Nick Trout" <nick at> writes:
> > Why dont you just use Medusa then? This is the core of ZServer on which
> > is built. You can get it from Nightmare software.
> Because I have no interest in using ZServer or writing an HTTP server
> when Apache already exists and is very flexible.  Do I have to
> implement HTTP/1.1 pipelining?  Will I have to reinvent my own crappy
> versions of Apache modules such as mod_rewrite, mod_speling,
> mod_autoindex, or mod_alias?  Apache gives me more flexibility with
> less effort than either ZServer or my own custom server would.

Sorry I don't have much experience of Apache (or web servers in general!).
My head is swimming with all the various options I have! :-) I'm not sure
how I would use features like the Apache modules from a Python/Zope object
anyway? Given features like this I could see the benefit of not starting
from scratch.

I'm trying to find the best (cheap/free) solution for creating a simple
intranet server. I would like to have news bulletins, discussion groups,
docs etc on it. I like the idea of remote admin through Zope as I may move
countries soon. I like Python. I got into Zope but I am finding the
DTML/Python stuff hard work.

> > Is ZODB efficient?
> So far it seems to be reasonably efficient, and certainly fast enough
> for our purposes.

So, I'm not clear on this? Do you use a modified version of Zope behind
Apache? Does Quixote patch Zope to work how you want it? Your solution sound
encouraging. Maybe Python 2 with Zope/Quixote is what I need?


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