How to Lock Globar Variables across Modules?

William Djaja Tjokroaminata billtj at
Thu Sep 28 15:46:49 CEST 2000

Alex <cut_me_out at> wrote:

:> In the main module, all the code will look like
:>     schedule (sv.current_time)
:> But the same code in other modules will have to look like
:>     schedule (
:> I want something that is consistent across all the simulation modules.

: Well, perhaps you could import the main_module into itself, so that you
: can refer to in there as well.  At least it'd be
: consistent. 

: Alex.

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: Speak softly but carry a big carrot.


I think there are two disadvantages of importing the main_module into
itself to make the code consistent:

    1) It is longer to type
    2) It is probably less efficient

In 1), typing '' is more tedious than just typing 'sv'.  I
wish python had some macro just like in C/C++ with its pre-processor:

    #define sv

The macro will solve the typing problem, but does not increase
efficiency.  I have read that every dot operator results in a dictionary
look-up.  Therefore I wish python had a reference feature to make it more

    sv& =

Whatever '' points to, 'sv' will also point to.  If
possible in the implementation, hopefully a reference like this will not
involve a dictionary look-up at all.

So for now I guess I have to live in the world that python has
defined.  Any possible way to express my wish list, to Guido maybe?

Thanks for all the reply.



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