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Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Sep 14 16:12:24 CEST 2000

Tim Peters <tim_one at> wrote:
		[Billy moans about
>Do they use *any* software, then?  Unless everything you use is pure public
>domain (in the technical sense), a copyright holder can *always* change the
>license on the next release.  I don't mind fighting potentially winnable
>battles, but mindless paranoia is its own sweet reward.
I sure wonder about that one, too.  I've been arguing
for free and open-source software for years, and I'm
still subject to transmission of the dumbfounded-and-
slackjawed look when a manager whines about the
license of *Python*.  'Anyone know a graceful way to
explain the violence SAP, Microsoft, CA, Oracle, ...
do with *their* licenses?

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