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>     r'\1\040\2'
> That worms around the bug under the hood without changing the source of
> package.


And to the rest of you snickerers, there's this scripting language out
there, starts with P, where the culture _invites_ attempts to do the same
thing in as many different ways as possible. This somehow relates to that
language's author's belief that programmers should be, among other things,
"lazy", but I'm not as clear on the details of this particular author's
"hubris" as I am on all the ways to do the same things differently in that
language. Forgive me for thinking _this_ P language's culture might have
borne the same ideals without further prose needed on my part.

> someday-you'll-think-regexps-are-really-boring<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

Been-there-done-that-bought-the-tee-shirtly y'rs...

(But someday everyone else won't think regexps are somehow Standard,
canonical, or scientific ;-)

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