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Mon Sep 18 22:12:15 CEST 2000

Robert <rhicks at> wrote:
> I would go to the wxPython site and look at the code. Each has its ups and
> downs and what I or someone else likes you may not. WxPython has a more C++
> feel to will have to wade through the C++ docs with comments here
> and there about the Python side. Tkinter now has a very detailed book in
> Python and Tkinter Programming (is John paying me to say this? : ) ). I
> would do a little research and check it out.

I think the tkInter book is the single best book on programming
technique I've ever read - I enjoyed it immensely, and learned
a lot of it, even though I'll _never_ use the tkInter widget set.

I much prefer PyQt, which is now not only available for Unix/X11, but
also for Windows - for free! (


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