Looking for Python programmers--where to search?

Julio Flores Schwarzbeck jflores at codeit.com
Fri Sep 29 17:54:04 CEST 2000

I agree. When I used to code in Pascal back in the 80's (yeah, I am from 
the "me" gen.) However, under normal circumstances, I could not find a 
single instance in which I could not duplicate any function written in Std 
C, python goes beyond that, with pascal, you were limited by the tightness 
of the type declaration, with python you are limited by your imagination.

At 03:52 AM 9/29/00 +0000, gbp wrote:

> > People often spoke about various limitations Pascal had, but I do not
> > believe much in them.  We really did whatever we wanted with Pascal (the
> > original), even pretty big systems.
> >
>Neither do I see any limitations.
>I think pascal is very similar to ANSI C.  And ansi c has been one of
>the (or _the_?) most sucessfull commerical langauges.
>In comparison I think pascal lacks some of features of C but on the
>upside its much cleaner and easier to read.

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