Win98 2.0b: crash on Help

Kirby Urner urner at
Sun Sep 10 07:45:05 CEST 2000

I'm not posting this as an official bug as it may be just a problem 
with my own system, but thought I'd garner some feedback.

In 2.0b IDLE 0.6 under Win98, when I select Help | Python Documentation,
I get an amazingly serious crash.  A couple blue screens of death 
followed by a switch into some undefined video mode. Have to reboot.
This is on an AMD K2 400, 128RAM, Voodoo3 graphics.

Normally, this action is supposed to boot the web browser of course.  
My browser works fine, and if I click on the index.html (documentation 
root page), I have no problems accessing the docs (handsome color 

This feature worked in 1.6b (used to drop us to DOS box in versions
prior).  Could be there's something about the sequence of my new 
install (add 2.0b, remove 1.6b, reinstall 2.0b) that screwed up 
the registry or something.  So far, 2.0b has been smooth otherwise
(haven't done a whole lot with it yet).

Anyway, other Win98/2.0b users having any trouble with booting Help
Docs from within IDLE??


PS:  I run 1.5.2 in Linux using newest Gnome Helix desktop. and 
plan to upgrade to 2.0b shortly (Povray has versions for both 
platforms, so I'm able to do my K-12 curriculum writing in 
both systems to check for cross-platform compatibility (using
same .py files (FAT32 partitions mounted in Mandrake)).

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