PEP: Adding new operators for elementwise/objectwise operations

Kevin Jacobs jacobs at
Thu Sep 28 13:49:34 CEST 2000

Tom Loredo <loredo at> wrote:
> I am developing a statistical computing framework in Python, and may use
> "~" in this already-accepted fashion; I would hate to see its meaning
> "overloaded" this way.

If possible, I suggest that you bring your statistical computing framework
ideas to the newsgroup, or at least the very motivated subset of us who are
thinking about or working on the same thing.  Personally, my dream is to
have a Python based environment that will allow me to throw away SAS and


PS: Just to put in my vote, I am strongly for having the ability to 
    overload ~ operators.  I too use BUGS, and while its a neat trick,
    its ~ operator is pure syntactic sugar.  The PEP on new operators
    addresses readability and maintainability, which are major issues
    when an expression may have upwards of 10 infix operators (vs. 
    BUGS which uses at most one ~ per statement).

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