for loop possible enhancement

bob van der Poel bvdpoel at
Fri Sep 22 19:44:48 CEST 2000

Playing with some for/next loops I find that having something like

	for a,b in [[1,2],[3,4],[4,5]]:

works nicely. However, what would be more useful at times is the
possiblity to:

	for a,b in [[1,2,3,4], [a,b,c,d]]:

which, intutively(?) would set a to the value 1 and b to 'a', etc. What
I'm wondering is if it might be possible to add to the for syntax
something like:

	for a in [1,2,3,4], b in [a,b,c,d]:

I think I'm looking for some of the flexibility the foreach loop in tcl
gives, but then I find that particular command a tad on the confusing

Anyway, just a thought.

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