Python GUI button placer?

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Tue Sep 5 20:29:47 CEST 2000

It is my understanding that SpecTcl is a dead project and Visual Tcl does
not spit out Python code. So for Tkinter there really is not a ui builder.
Which is a shame. Maybe Visual Tcl will support Python in the future.

I do not know enough about Python at this point but I think a basic ui
builder based on Python/Tkinter/Pmw would be a very good thing.


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> >HAs anyone ever heard of a gui button placer instead of trial and error
> >placing buttons with the use of code?
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> A GUI "builder", or "designer"?  I always thought of *those*
> as "trial and error", as opposed to scripted placement ...
> In any case, yes, I understand the question, and, yes, there
> are several.  From your other recent posting, I take it you're
> working with Tkinter.  Consider John Grayson's book on the
> subject; you'll have happier results than if you struggle to
> learn Tkinter without the book.
> GUI builders for Tkinter go by names like SpecTcl, Visual Tcl,
> and XF <URL:>.
> They're nice applications, and you might like them.
> However, it's hard to recommend them.  As slick as they are in
> operation, they're hard for newcomers to install.  I hope some-
> one will write in to contradict me.  That's the best I know,
> though.
> As fond as I am of Tkinter, I recognize you might be more
> comfortable with a different Python GUI binding.  Look into
> PyQt
> <URL:>
> It's a fine development environment, and Phil is just in the
> process of releasing a Python-savvy form of Qt Designer, which
> I suspect you will like a lot.
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