Reading CD-ROM info

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Thu Sep 7 09:37:02 CEST 2000


I'll announce my later sometime, but haven't gotten around to
it 'cuz it seems like nobody's interested. It extracts the label,
creation-date and every other info-field specified in the ISO standard. And
it works on Windows and Linux too.

I'll look into the thing ....



"Carel Fellinger" <cfelling at> wrote in message
news:8p691h$8hc$1 at
> Thomas Weholt <thomas at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Just read thru the CD-Writing HowTo for Linux and it contained a section
> > about reading out information stored on cd-roms like title,
> > etc. Didn't look that hard, but not knowing C++ at all making a module
> > myself would take some time, even years. :-<
> > Does anybody know if there is a python-module working under linux ( I
> > a couple of API calls under Win32 should get the info too but that
> > help under linux ) that can extract the available information? If not,
> You could take a look at
> <>
> It has a small c function that reads an index from the cd.
> I once adapted it to read something else, and if turned out to be
> fairly trivial (as lang as you don't try to make it run an any cd-drive).
> Just look for other linux programs (xcdroast, cdrecord) that read
> the info you need and steel their code:)
> --
> groetjes, carel

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