New ZODB packages

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at
Thu Sep 14 17:39:00 CEST 2000

[This is a reposting; the first attempt at posting this seems to have
gotten lost.]

I've released new versions of the packaged ZODB at the usual location:
The RPMs and Windows versions are gone, since they're now out-of-date
and it's too much trouble for me to rebuild them.  Old versions will
be kept in the old/ subdirectory and periodically overwritten.                 

* Additional packages: BTree extensions, BerkeleyStorage, SearchIndex, Catalog,
                       DCOracle (untested), DCOracleStorage (untested)
  I'd appreciate patches from someone who can actually try out the 
  setup scripts for DCOracle.
* ZODB package now installs cPersistence.h header file
* Updated to ZEO 0.4.1
* sumo-zodb.tar.gz contains all the packages, along with a 
  top-level script to build everything.  
TODO:  (Help with these would be welcomed)
Make the top-level script autodetect which packages can be built
Make DCOracle/ set the Oracle include directories properly
Add simple test suite to verify that your installation is working correctly
Are there other packages that should be added?  (Think I've got them all now.)

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