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>I tried to install the XML-SIG's XML package on my Windows machine.  I'm
>expected to go spend a ton of money on Visual C++ to compile some module or

The Visual C++ command line tools (compiler, linker/lib, nmake) are a free
(beer) download. They are in the 80meg PDC .NET SDK download. To round out
your headers and libraries, you'll need the free (beer) Win32 Platform SDK.
Win2k is officially required and the installer won't run without it, but if
you just extract all the files out with Winzip, from the self extracting
.exe and its contained .msis, and put them in your path (I the contents of
the two two .msis in the same directory), they seem to work with no install
on NT4.

Though you don't get the excellent VC debugger and very good VC editor and
soso build system..

then, click the download option, which brings you to, word wrapped \

 - Jay

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