Python 2.0 and Visual C++ 5.0: Enemies?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Fri Sep 29 09:01:12 CEST 2000

Tim Roberts wrote:
> I did see a note indicating that VC++ 6.0 is required in order to build
> python.

It's not -- I'm still using 5.0, and I've never had any problems
on the way from 1.5.2 over 1.6 to the current 2.0 beta (well,
the Win64-bit broke a few things, but they've been fixed since

But note that I'm building *everything* locally; if I understand
you correctly, you've failed to use the prebuilt libraries.

> However, it was not obvious to me that VC++ 6.0 would be required
> in order to build any python extensions.  If that is the case, perhaps it
> would be prudent to mention it somewhere.
> If true, this would be the first downward incompatibility in VC++ since
> version 2.0.

Timbot!  Help!


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