What is Python?

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>Aahz Maruch <aahz at panix.com> wrote:
>> Python's design is driven in part
>> by one of the same design goals for C -- simplicity -- but with vastly
>> different results due to its other design goals.
>C...simplicity.  Did I actually hear those in the same sentence?  Is
>this some obscure definition of "simple" I've never seen?

Not at all.  C is a simple language -- it is not a simple-to-*use*
language.  Do you see the distinction?  One of C's goals is simplicity
in the compilation process; another is simplicity of implementation.
The core of the C language -- like Python -- is very small.  Almost all
the true power of C -- like Python -- comes from its libraries.

Note very carefully that I am not at all talking about C++.
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