How do I run an external system command on Windows?

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Tue Sep 19 00:05:45 CEST 2000

Wait! I take it back, because os.system() does not return you the
as a string. You get the exit code, but all output is lost. I suppose I
could redirect it to a file and then read it in, but that would not be
much fun.

I want the functionality of the commands module on UNIX <b>and</b>
Windows NT -- Or even just WinNT! Now I can't figure out how
to do it under Windows...

But thanks anyway.


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> >Does Python have something similar to Perl's "system" command or the
> >(backtick operator)? This would preferably be something cross-
> >I need this to work on Windows NT Win2K) and UNIX (OpenBSD).
> os.system()
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