New Python development process (SourceForge considered Harmful?)

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at
Wed Sep 27 20:20:31 CEST 2000

cobrien at Radix.Net (Cary O'Brien) writes:
> But still, it is a single point of failure.  Not to compare apples and
> oranges too much, but I think the "Python Community" hasn't yet fully
> recovered from the Starship disk crash.  So even if you assume the
> best intensions from VA et al, it the situation worries me.  The

I think the problem was that Starship was never mirrored anywhere; if
it's mirrored, one machine dying is an inconvenience, not a disaster.
For example, I'm not worried about getting lost, because
there are a bunch of mirrors for it.  

SourceForge isn't currently mirrored, though I understand they're
working on it.  You can download tarballs containing the entire CVS
tree for your project.  I hope someone at BeOpen has set up a cron job
to do that every few days, since losing the CVS tree would be a
massive disaster.  There's no way to download all the patches or bug
reports, though, so if SourceForge went away, that information would
be lost, which would be very annoying but not fatal.


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