Python for Win32 Extensions for 1.6 and 2.0b1

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Sun Sep 10 02:02:56 CEST 2000

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Re the couple of problems with win32all-134 for Python 2.0b1

There are 2 minor problems.  From my starship page:

* win32pipe.popen sometimes gives a "no valid thread state" error,
then terminates the program.  Note that Python 2.0 has full support
for os.popen() etc on windows - so consider this incentive to
beta-test this new support :-).  Or, you can fix this by replacing
your existing Python20\win32\win32pipe.pyd file with

* On Windows 95, attempting to use Pythonwin may fail with a cryptic
message about win32ui.pyd.  Windows 98/NT/2000 appear to work fine.
If this happens, replace your existing Python20\Pythonwin\win32ui.pyd
with the one in [linked]

Sorry - too lazy to make a new build, and too lazy to paste the full
URLs :-)  So if any of these problems worry you, see


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